Primary SF Bay Area Full Time Field Consultant - Insurance Mandated & Owners Representative Inspector

Mr. Sutton has accumulated thousands upon thousands of hours in the field, boots on the ground performing full time 3rd party ISO 9000 insurance mandated and owners representative inspections on some of the larger multi-family, mid and hi-rise structures in the San Francisco Bay Area.  These Quality Assurance projects required the ability to manage multiple simultaneous large scale, full scope quality assurance assignments for single family, apartment, condos, mid and high rise development projects.   Contracted full scope inspection protocols included foundation and associated waterproofing,  structural/framing, sound attenuation/fireproofing, fire rated assemblies, ADA, MEP, building envelope, fenestration assemblies, exterior cladding assemblies, roofing and waterproofing.  The purpose of the inspections was to verify and document compliant and non-compliant work and report to insurance companies, project stakeholders and builder teams. 

Years of performing this type of ongoing new construction work has given Mr. Sutton a unique understanding of how the quality process can deeply effect building and deep understanding of the elements that contribute to construction defects and how assemblies fail. Including: 

Senior Risk Assessment Specialist - Insurance Loss Control - Corporate Lead

Seasoned and accomplished corporate lead providing nation-wide construction (single family, multi-family attached, mid/high rise) risk audits and complex builder trainings. Proactively focusses on identifying construction code/defect risks and overall product quality issues with project stakeholders to mitigate potential failures and complications impacting safety, quality, schedule and cost.

Responsible for performing in-depth onsite risk assessment of on-going single family, multi-family and mid & high rise construction from grade to finish, drawing review, project execution and OSHA and SWPPP compliance. Prepared and delivered project specific presentation/training to national executives and local builder teams related to deviations from code, manufacturer installation recommendations and approved drawing documents. The project review would include analysis of as built conditions vs. industry standards for workmanship, best practices and strategies for preventing defective work.

Mr. Sutton was responsible for managing a team of risk assessment specialists; writing ISO 9000 work instructions; issuing formal reports (up to 300 pages) and day after inspection power-point presentations (up to 300 slides).  The risk audits were provided nationwide and required deep knowledge of local codes, standards and building methodology. Mr. Sutton performed these duties for ISO 9001 certified construction inspection & risk management company.

Designated CD Expert, Technical Services Consultant, ASTM/AAMA Water Testing Specialist and Building Envelope / Fenestration Consultant

Forensic and designated construction defect litigation expert. 

ASTM/AAMA Water Testing Specialist

Technical Plan Review Consultant: review provided drawings for completeness of design, details and specifications, sufficiency of drawings and details to allow standard constructability, means and methods, and reviewing for design and code violations and conflicts.

Property Condition Assessment and Reports (PCAR’s) for insurance, financial and project turnover purposes.

Project Manager for pre-manufactured modular high-rise factory QA program development

Lead consultant working with the modular factory and construction team to ensure there is a program in place that identifies critical quality steps in the fabrication, transportation and construction process, that evaluates and verifies the work is built correctly, and a process in place to escalate and correct issues before moving to the next phase of work. Oversee the Quality Built software team developing the quality assurance digital software platform. Responsible for training modular team on how to use the software platform to document, their quality process.

Construction Defect Litigation Project Manager and Senior Associate

Specialized in assessing construction defects and providing litigation support on a full range of project types including multi-family residential projects, office spaces, commercial. Planned, executed, evaluated and managed forensic and water intrusion investigations which included water testing and destructive testing.
Evaluated failures to understand how design and workmanship contributed. Performed document and case analysis, including review of code, plans and specifications, industry standards, manufacturer’s requirements and summarized the legal and technical analysis and developed plaintiff defect reports.
Assisted in mediation, arbitration and trial preparation and attended and represented client interests at Expert Meetings, Allocation Meetings and Mandatory Settlement Conferences.

At Malott and Peterson I worked primarily on providing roofing industry expert services for defense and plaintiff counsel, insurance companies and property owners.